Sr. Contract Specialist

General Information

Sr. Contract Specialist are responsible for contracting delivery programs and supporting policy development within the city’s capital projects. The position is responsible for the review and approval of all construction bidding and procurements for citywide capital development projects and reports to the City Construction Contracts Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plans, Specification and Bidding Document Approval
      • Reviews and approves for advertising construction and development plans and specifications. Each Sr. Contract Specialist is familiar with commercial construction process and procedures including but not limited to basic engineering and construction management approaches and is able to review technical construction documents.
      • Administers the Construction General Terms and Conditions for citywide construction such as bidding procedures, payment processes and project close-out.
      • Coordinate with other city departments on federally funded construction projects and is responsible for understanding the contract requirements associated with federal grants and funding dollars. Federal programs administered includes but not limited to: Federal Highway administration, Federal Transportation Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy and Federal Railroad Administration.
      • Familiar with permitting and regulatory requirements associated with all types of commercial and municipal construction.
  • Contracting Program and Policy Development
    • Responsible for policy creation, development and communication of the policy, as needed for construction contracting options throughout the City. The Sr. Contract Specialist are expected to develop and maintain construction contract methodology policies, process and procedures to be used by all capital departments throughout the City.
    • Responsible for various construction contracting programs as assigned including: alternative delivery methods such as General Contractor/Construction Manager Design-Build, Job Order Contracting, etc.
  • Requires understanding and familiarity with State regulations on capital projects, building regulations and works in conjunction with government agencies around the development and maintain laws regarding public works.
  • Problem solving
    • Sr. Contract Specialists are expected to support the internal capital departments with contracting and funding challenges; help trouble shoot and find workable solutions for funding, scheduling and other constraints that might be obstacles for project.
    • Works with contractors and subcontractors to navigate contracts and build capacity for businesses interested in participating in City’s capital projects.
  • Other tasks
    • Responds to inquiries from the public, internal and external customers including Mayoral and Department Director requests.
    • General projects and assignments as needed to support the City Construction Contracts team.
    • Develop and maintain work unit procedures for the position.
    • Produces reports as needed for construction projects administration throughout the City.
    • Attends conferences, outreach events and similar representing construction contracting.

Position Requirements:

The position requires a college education and preferably graduate studies; four-year degree in engineering, planning and development, administration or related with two years contract support experience.
City Construction Contracts Manager may consider a combination of education and experience.

Desired Qualifications

  • Self-started/self-motivated.
  • Independent, task oriented.
  • Detailed oriented and analytical.
  • Proficient in data analysis.
  • Expert communications skills both written and verbal.
  • Experience in high-level, fast-paced customer service environment.
  • High functionality in a political and policy driven environment.
  • Skilled negotiator.

The Team

This squad is smaller in the size but large on impact. This is a sub division of the
Part of the City Purchasing and Contracting Construction Contracts team they work on all capital size projects within the City of Seattle. They are collaborate with multiple divisions, and departments. The team leaders care about positives, enjoying the impact that these projects have on the community, and growth both personally and professional growth.


You enjoy working with good people, making positive influences within the community, and growth in multiple areas APPLY TODAY!