Talent Acquisition and Retention Solutions


As a partner, your company has the power to be the change that the diversity and inclusion agenda is calling for. Advanced companies know that employees that are committed to reaching company bottom lines must feel included in a clearly defined company culture. Our goal is to assist you in acquiring and retaining top-rated talent. As partners, we work together to determine precisely how to discover quality talent and the necessary incentives to keep them.

The average employee now stays at a position for an average of 3.5 years before searching for a new job. It’s not until after they have decided to move on, that companies look for answers as to why. Losing a key employee isn’t just difficult; it costs the company money. Statics show 87% of employees are unhappy with their current place of employment. As an organization you should question; “how productive can an employee be if they feel their place of employment does not set them up for success?”

Our T.A.R.S. System takes a bird’s eye view of your talent acquisition strategy and pinpoints what needs fine-tuning. Our Subject Matter Experts assessess the following topics:


  • The company’s current recruiting strategies.
  • If talent acquisition is a challenge at your organization.
  • Which positions present the greatest challenge for hiring?


  • How the company encourages employee retention.
  • Which retention tactics are most successful?


  • How long employees stay with the company?
  • Are any departments lower or higher than the company median?
  • Which departments present the greatest challenge for hiring and sustaining employees?


After the assessment, we customize a workforce culture solution by assisting our partners with a strategic game plan to obtain the right employees, maintain significant personnel, sustain growth, and save money.