MBD Staffing is a minority-owned business based in Washington State with 10+ years of
staffing experience. Most of our travel nurses duplicate their expenses and bear the cost of
working away from home. Therefore, our pay packages must be enough to sustain them while
motivating our nurses to take on assignments across the nation.

What we offer our Travel Nurses:
-Lodging stipend
-Daily meal stipend
-Reimbursement of flight to assignment (Economy Class)
-Reimbursement of flight from assignment (Economy Class)
-Reimbursement of 2 checked bags
-Sick pay per state law
-Reimbursement of state licensure application fee
-1.5x Overtime over 40 hours
-Holiday Pay
-Full Orientation Pay
-Accrued PTO
-Health, Dental, Retirement Benefits
-Mental Health Counseling Available

  • -Lodging stipend
  • Daily meal stipend
  • Reimbursement of flight to assignment (Economy Class)
  • Reimbursement of 2 checked bags
  • Sick pay per state law
  • Reimbursement of state licensure application fee
  • 1.5x Overtime over 40 hours
  • Holiday Pay
  • Full Orientation Pay
  • Accrued PTO
  • Health, Dental, Retirement Benefits
  • Mental Health Counseling Available

What we cover for each Nurse:
-Worker’s Compensation up to $1,000,000 per incident
-Professional / General Liability Insurance $1,000,000 per incident, $3,000,000 aggregate
-Rental Car Insurance
-All onboarding costs and requirements per Contract/Facility Requirements

  • Skills and Competencies Checklist
  • OHSA Training
  • HIPAA Training
  • State and Federal Criminal Background Check
  • License and Certification Verification
  • CPR Training
  • Excluded Parties searches (OIG, EPLS)
  • PPD (annual)
  • Hep B (tier, shots, or declination)
  • Drug Screen (10 panel)
  • MMR and Varicella
  • Flu Shot (seasonal only) and COVID-19 Booster (if required by facility)
  • I-9 Attestation and documentation