Registered Nurse – RN performs cell collections and therapeutic apheresis procedures for adult and pediatric patients, related donors, and volunteer research subjects in three local inpatient and outpatient settings. This role provides patient centric care and is primarily responsible for nursing assessment and diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Blood transfer

Cancer patients



  • Assesses physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs and evaluates patients’ adaptation to health changes
  • Develops a plan of care based on patients’ disease, symptoms, and response to treatment
  • Educates patients, families, and caregivers on disease processes, treatment, side effects and symptom management
  • Coordinates with inter-disciplinary team to ensure continuity of care
  • Refers patients, families and caregivers as appropriate to other clinical resources/professionals such as social work, home health care, clinical nutrition, etc.
  • Implements, evaluates and modifies plan of care
  • Integrates research and evidence based knowledge into clinical practice
  • Assesses patient/donor medical history and clinical condition for procedural concerns, risks and contraindications to apheresis.
  • Performs donor screenings and reviews donor health history questionnaires, justifications and other related documentation before collection, according to SOPs and regulatory guides.
  • Educates patients, families, and caregivers on disease processes, treatment, side effects and symptom management
  • Monitors the patient / donor response to the procedure and make technical and medication changes appropriately.  
  • Communicates with medical provider teams and Apheresis Medical Directors to address potential and immediate clinical concerns.
  • Coordinates with inter-disciplinary team to ensure continuity of care
  • Processes apheresis products, including labeling and delivery in compliance with regulatory documentation.
  • Adheres to unit policies and procedures compliant with regulatory requirements documentation; follows FDA, FACT, CAP and other regulatory requirements and guidance.
  • Accepts rotating on-call assignment for nights, weekends and holidays.
  • Accepts rotating assignment for Charge Nurse: responsible for daily workflow management, staff assignments, scheduling changes, environmental safety and interfacing with other departments.
  • Ability to work in different clinical care locations are alliance partner locations.  This involves the ability to push/pull >100 pound wheeled machines
  • Assist in policy and procedure development, review, revision and implementation
  • Integrates research and evidence based knowledge into clinical practice



  • Nursing degree.
  • Current Washington State nursing license.
  • Current BLS AHA Health Provider Card (or equivalent course, such as by the American Red Cross) and renewal required every two years.
  • Additional certification may be required dependent upon department. 
  • Critical thinking; the ability to practice the cognitive skills of analyzing, applying standards, discriminating, information seeking, logical reasoning, predicting, and transforming knowledge.
  • Ability to develop clinical judgment.
  • Time Management skills; the ability to organize and manage time and tasks independently.
  • Ability to communicate effectively by looking and listening for cues, asking open-ended questions, exploring cues, using pauses, screening responses, and clarifying response.
  • Ability to effectively listen by using reflecting, acknowledging, summarizing, empathizing, and paraphrasing skill.
  • Ability to effectively provide information by checking what information the person knows already, giving small amounts of information at a time, using clear terms and avoiding jargon, avoiding detail unless it is requested, checking for understanding, and pausing and waiting for a response.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • Two years of nursing experience.


  1. Tell us about you experience in Oncology?
  2. Let me know have you worked in a healing hospital environment, such as a nursing home of cancer treatment facility.
  3. What are some of the processes that you have seen that have improved overall patient care? How were they implemented.

My name is Tony Burnett, and I am with MBD Staffing ( We recently came across your resume via our external database, and I feel that you may be a good fit for the Registered Nurse position focused on blood transfer procedures, timely patient assessment and general oncology processes, located in the Seattle area. I am looking to fill this role on behalf of our client. I would like to conduct a phone screening call with you on behalf of our client, to assure them that you are great for this role.

Please let me know what time would be a good time to speak about this opportunity.

Best Regards