Ruby Developer

Seattle, WA

This position is responsible for coding software applications. Testing and debugging new and existing software as well as performance tuning and optimization of existing code. Normally receives general instructions on routine work, and detailed instructions on new assignments.


• Independently develop feature designs.
• Participate in code development by actively writing code and conducting unit testing.
• Estimate and schedules own work for feature development.
• Work with development team and operations support to troubleshoot development environment, production environment, performance tune and optimize code.
• Serve as a resource for interns and new hires.
• Provide project assignment status.


• B.S. Degree in Computer Science or Engineering.
• Minimum of 3 years relevant experience in this field.
• Knowledge and experience in one or more of the following: Ruby
(ASP.NET, C++/C#, HTML, SQL, Java).
• XML experience desired.


• Trustworthiness, Transparency and Openness
• Raise the Bar
• Lead by Example
• One Voice
• Bring Me Solutions
• No Silos
• The Obligation to Care